Tunguskan Bases

For my icestorm nomads I ordered the warsen.al tunguskan bases (http://warsen NULL.al/collections/bases/products/tunguskan-bases?variant=733485725). Very nice looking bases made from laser cut acrylics. The assembly was very easy, some bases have options (like having an open or closed hatch). All bases are made from 2 laser-engraved layers so you have some details on the lower layer too. …

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Comanche Barracks

I – sortof – finished assembling and painting the Comanche Barracks from Warsen.al (http://warsen NULL.al/products/comanche-barracks?variant=762119129). First let me say I’m really impressed with the quality of this building. It was fun to build and is a sturdy and gameplay-wise interesting terrain piece. Great work! I’m really looking forward to building the Kum Garage 🙂 There …

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Even More Models Assembled

So. Nothing painted yet … but finally build all the stuff. The Nikoul Base Well, at least I painted something. Since the Nikoul havent inspired me for a repose I wanted a very different base, so I made this with some spare foamed pvc and bits from the original base.