Finally the Undertown Kickstarter by Antenocities (https://www NULL.kickstarter has arrived and I started building… Data Trust Hac Tao Tattoo

Kum Garage

Since 14 months does the kum garage (http://warsen MDF kit by warsenal (http://warsen sit in my shelf, in the stack of unbuild terrain, the shelf of shame. It is a daunting kit. Its really complex and has a huge amount of parts. MDF, thin acrylics, acrylic rods. But then it is also huge …

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Digital Terrain for SketchUp

Fellow infinity player Picken once published battle reports (http://www NULL.o-12 NULL.php?t=12&start=20#p590) with nice rendered overview maps of his terrain. He used the free and (for a 3d modeling software easy to use) software sketchup. I always wanted to do the same and make simplified 3d sketches of my available terrain. Today I accomplished to …

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