Santa Mansuri versus “Christkind”-Kusanagi [english]

Santa Mansuri vs. Christkind Kusanagi

The Fast and the Furiosa: Bakunin Gifts!

an  Infinity Christmas scenario


Who is the real Santa? Both players choose a special character from his faction, who fights to be the real Santa.

You win by delivering more presents than your adversary. A good thing they brought some help.

Mission objective

Deliver more presents than your adversary.

There are no classified objects.

Army lists

  • 240 points, 5 SWC, Limited Insertion
  • A character who is the Santa  (follow the rules for the DataTracker)
  • at least one remote with Baggage, they carry all the presents
  • at least one trooper with Engineer skill is clever to bring
  • Feast of love
    • all lethal weapons and equipment stay at home. non-lethal is obviously allowed.
    • the Santa character and all troopers with veteran or elite classification get a candy thrower (ADHL)
    • all troopers get a camera (flash pulse) except for baggage- and G:Servant-remotes

Chimneys & presents


  • Place 8 chimneys on the roofs between the deployment zones.
    • Since all the objectives are on the roofs it is a good thing to have more cover up there than usual.
    • you can use 40mm marker for the chimneys if you don’t have terrain.
  • At the beginning of every player turn determine randomly 4 chimneys that create smoke.
    • we used 1d20 / 2 and rerolled for 9 and 10 and every chimney that we rolled multiple times.
    • You can use standard smoke templates, but we used smaller terrain pieces.
  • You cannot deliver a present to a smoking chimney.


  • “Create” a present by spending a short skill in b2b with a baggage remote.
  • Every trooper can carry a present (and only one). A present is represented by a 25mm marker in base contact. A marker cannot carry presents.
  • Only the Santa character can deliver a present to a chimney (short skill, b2b, attack)
  • When in doubt follow the rules for supply boxes.

Special rules

  • Engineers can spend an entire order to cancel their own IMM2 state.

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