Bericht: Shas vs Bakunin

Der Vollständigkeit halber gehört es auch hier hin: Mein Beitrag zu Operation Flamestrike. (Link zum Flamestrike-Report (http://flamestrike NULL.warconsole Außerdem ist es eine Partie zum Testen der Gwailos, bevor sie im darauf folgenden Turnier auflaufen.

300 – Shasvastii (Quirk) vs Bakunin (Picken)

Mission: Armory


Group 1
GWAILO Lieutenant MULTI Rifle / Pistol, CCW. (26)
SHESKIIN MULTI Rifle, Nanopulser, D-Charges / Pistol, DA CCW. (39)
GWAILO Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (21)
GWAILO Hacker (EI Assault Hacking Device) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (0.5 | 27)
GWAILO (X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 23)
Q-DRONE HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26)
CORAX Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (14 / 12XP)
MOV:10-10 CC:12 BS:11 PH:9 WIP:13 ARM:1 BTS:0 W:1
Seed-Embryo, Infiltration, Minelayer, Doctor
NOCTIFER Missile Launcher / Assault Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 32)
SHROUDED (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (25)
MALIGNOS Hacker (EI Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 41)

Group 2
Q-DRONE HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26)

6 SWC | 300 Points


(https://4 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

(https://3 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

Lieutenant Shatiin disliked this mission from the second he recieved it. Securing this arms depot somewhere in the outskirts of Tiānxiàn went all against his Shasvastii instincts. He did not want his men, women and drones (and whatever Sheskiin was after morphoscanning that walking testosterone tank) to concentrate in one place. Spreading out was the Shasvastii way of survival. Shatiin snorted. EI orders were not his to question. So let’s try some morat strategy. “Move ahead, the Drones will cover our flanks, everyone else break through that wall!” And as an afterhought he added: “Don’t shoot until you see the green in their eyes.”

According to reconnaisance the Nomads were deployed in two flanking groups with only one heavy hitter in the middle to catch the first blow. Let them wait for that forever, Lt. Shatiin thought. “Once we are dug in there, we will start fighting Shasvastii style.” “Meaning: not at all, Sir? You know, sneaking and hiding and stuff?” “Shut up, Heriil!”

(https://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

Quiirk turn 1:
Gwailo Heriil envied those monkey-faced aliens who – while being biologically so very fragile – thanks to their technology still were the most resilient species they had encounterred for decades. One of those pink monkeys just pointetd one big chunk of said technology at Heriil. Another piece of technology shredded any clear vison around her, making aiming a pain in the spiracle. “Lieutenant, I can’t shoot!”, Heriil yelled in despair. “Why that?” “There is no green in its eye!” When he moved ahead with his team anyway, the alien’s big technology-thing sent two small technology-things flying at him. Those looked suspiciously like bullets once they hit his nanoscreen and then then ground. “Soldier, last time you regrew from your spawn embryo did some genes get damaged, like those for the brain maybe? Next time fire back!!!” Sheskiin in the meanwhile had already dashed ahead of the team.
Harlii, the maligno computer specialist, decloaked and immediately hacked open the armory’s front door before that super-cadmus would get the chance to inefficiently bash her glaive at it. Those artificial human genes made her really aggressive some days. The inquisitive infiltrator then sneaked in before her and eyed the nearest panoply. “Lieutenant, I just recieved super secret orders from the EI. To carry them out I really need some of this leftover equipment.” “Like what?”, Shatiin asked suspiciously. “Like – let’s see what I find first, OK?” “Go grab yourself some toys and be done with it.” Harlii pried open one of the gun lockers, reached inside and pulled out some weird contraption. By the pull of a lever it unfolded and… The gargling Shasvastii noises the maligno made best translated to: “A MOTORBIKE! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!” Harlii yelled, mounted the bike and let the engine roar. He speeded in big circles across the room, noted that he would never fit that thing through any of the doors and stopped with screeching tires at the other panoply. He reached inside and pulled out a Human version of the Nanopulser. “Yay, Lieutenant! Change of Plans! I am a Warband now!!!”
“Shatiin to that self-proclaimed Warband: Move into the … Sorry, drive into the corner and wait for further orders. Oh and drop a mine before you do that. Rest of the team: Door is open. Get moving.” Heriil still tried to make out the optically disrupted target. While the rest of his team moved ahead he tried to run to full cover while firing two last shots with his rocket launcher and again failed miserably. This time even the nanoscreen could not save him from the incoming bullets and he dropped to the floor.
While the death of the temporary leader gave the rest of the fireteam pause, Sheskiin ran inside the building, yelled “Freedom” and grabbed the first thing she could get hold of. The old and worn Multispektralvisor-Goggles made her look even more strange but she seemed content with it.
Neviil, the Hacker, assumed command of the broken fireteam. “I go in and deal with those two toy-toting nutcases but I need the two of you to camp outside and wait in reserve.” While moving into position Neviil passed a panoply and casually grabbed some weapon. He did not seem discontented with his new Panzerfaust at all.
Somewhere else on the battlefield one of the Q-Drones decided to find a better position because vision from the old one could too easily be blocked with smoke.

Picken turn 1:
Then a Morlock blocked that Q-Drone’s vision with smoke. On the other side of the battlefield the other Q-Drone’s long range audio sensors detected some strange noises. Those were clearly animal in nature but were those beasts feline or rather lupine? Even a goat’s bleating could be heard. Reconnaissance reported that these humans were some of the craziest of their kind but would they ride into battle on goats? When the Q-Drone saw for a second what came around the corner there it did not flinch. Automated reactions made it aim and shoot the HMG and one of the creatures fell before smoke swalloed the others. “Team, do you see that?”, asked Shatiin. “Dont let those beasts touch you, fire at will.”
The criters and their mistress could be seen a few times through the ever approaching wall of smoke, sometimes running, sometimes sneaking. There was nothing the hyper-reactive Drone could do about it. The Armory’s defenders heard barking and howling outside. In a few seconds that pack would be gnawing and clawing through the side door. Then a boom was heard followed by some whimpering sounds and then silence.
“What the unpleasant-place-wherever-Shasvastii-go-after-permanent-death* was that?!” Shatiin demanded to know. (* Translation from Shasvastiian might be a bit fuzzy here.)
The Noctifer Snikii who still hid nearby whispered “Maybe they took that camouflaged shadow over there for some disguised Shrouded. Actually it was one of our Corax’ Mines.” Shatiin snapped: “Which he naturally hid there before crawling into his Seed Egg and doing what? Taking a nap?” “Better not question our spec-ops’ tactics.”

(https://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

The humans needed another angle of approach now. The hard to spot blurr far back came nearer and turned out to consist of four almost naked women with big guns. Abashedly the Noctifer did forgo any reaction and just watched them run. But when they reached the signal range of Harliis Assault Hacking device the part-time Warband reacted immediately. He turned off their Hacker’s device and she was instantly immobilised. Some of her agility obviously derived from computer controlled servo-muscles.
When her fireteam continued running Harlii kicked the enemy hacker completely out of their comms network. Moreover Snikii used the twitching but standing human as a target to land a missile between them all. Unfortunately he was still too bashfull to really look at them and fired his shot way up into the stratosphere. “Sorry guys. Must be some malfunction. Ah there it reads: ‘error code: D20=20′. Not my fault at all.” He was glad that nobody could see him blush into a luscious dark green.
Now his position was revealed. What would the humans make of it? The next movement he saw was one human clad in heavy armor climbing up a container in the distance. “Ah, that must be where the others’ armor went. She clearly is the dominant one that takes all the good stuff. Look at that shiny ornament on her head. Maybe some sort of chieftain.” “Less tribal studies and more firing your missile launcher, please!” But too late. The shiny ornament was a multispectral visor and the Noctifer died utterly and ultimately of being hit multiple times. Then silence fell. The armor-clad one could not move any more than the hacking one and Harlii cheered: “Say thank you, Sniiki. – Oh sorry, am I late?”
She once tried to wrestle free of his electronical grip but for now he forgot that awesome motorcycle and concentrated on not allowing her systems to restart.

(https://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

Quiirk turn 2:
The Corax Spec-Op hatched and looked around drowsily. The only enemy in sight was a pair of animals without any handler.
“More!”, Sheskiin demanded but the Lieutenant refused: “We do not have time for that. We must secure our position.” “RRRROARRR!!!” was all that he got for an answer. Sheskiin, while enraged, took the time to place her D-charge on the one panoply, ran to the other and while the first exploded the second was chopped to pieces by her glaive paired with some Aleph-monstrosity’s close combat skills. “Lieutenant, did you not see that coming?”, Neviil asked. “I did.” Shatiin replied smugly. “She executed my order of destruction faster than if I had actually given it.” In the meanwhile Sheskiin turned to the next best target and glared at the Maligno biker. Harlii hit the panic button on his armor and he and his bike turned invisible.
Somewhere outside Diil the Shrouded heard the noise and ran towards the building, accidentally dropping the first of his mines. Once he was inside he spotted Sheskiin and he dropped the second mine with shock. (Pun intended. … OK, sorry. Please don’t hit me!) Intimidated Diil shrank back to the wall and camouflaged again.
Some odd program inside the head of one of the Q-Drones decided that this was the perfect time for targeting practice and her HMG tore the immobile human chieftain to pieces.

Picken turn 2:
The other Q-Drone restarted her aiming protocols. The smoke had cleared and the enemies were about to start moving again. Then another smoke grenade was launched and landed in front of her.
In the meanwhile the other Drone was destroyed by one of those half-naked humans. Now all of the remaining Shasvastii forces were concentrated in or behind the armory.
A vibrating blade slashed through the left door and behind it stood a human that according to reconnaissance was classified as a doctor. But all equipment Neviil could see – from arm’s length distance – were weapons. If human doctors had to prepare like that for their patients’ objections he was glad that his people either healed themselves or regrew.
“Take cover!” Lieutenant Shatiin screamed. “Sir? I am Gwailo just like you. You know, Nanoscreens?” The overly armed healer stepped closer and was hailed by shots from Sheskiin’s and Neviil’s weapons and the blast of two exploding mines. But when the smoke cleared she stood there without a scratch. Harlii decided to better not leave his thermo-optical camouflage. If he died here his limbs would regrow but his precious bike would not. While the Gwailo hacker stood there taken aback of the invulnerable human she jumped into close combat scattering his nanite swarm for a moment. Luckily this time Sheskiins shots hit and the so called healer reached her destination dead. Diil was taken aback as well and absentmindedly dropped his third and last mine.
The next human that approached proved quite cunning for a monkey and ran a big half circle around another one to set off the mine in a way that spared her mate the explosion. She also survived explosion and Shotgun hits while even injuring Sheskiin whose rage again proved rather an advantage than a detriment because it made her ignore the wound and keep fighting.
But before those two get the chance to duke it out the other human rushes across their fireline to attack the poor Gwailo Hacker in close combat. “Not again.” he complained. “It is coming for you! Take cover!”, Shatiin screamed once more. “Sir? Still Gwailo.” “Sorry, nevermind.” This time again Sheskiin was able to shoot the attacker before she reached Neviil. And again Harlii saw no reason to reveal his and his bike’s presence to any enemy.
Now Sheskiin and the last human of this flank finally get their chance to finish what they started. Sheskiin tried to shoot her. Neviil tried to shoot her. Diil tried to blind here with a flash pulse. Harlii just tried not to attract any attention to him and his toy. And the enemy stormed in, the gun directed at Sheskiin, then with a grim smile turned around and killed Neviil. He dropped dead to the armory’s floor but his killer – the last remaining human near the armory – did so, too.

Video footage of the aftermath of that battle showed that some time later a female-looking Shasvastii insurgent stormed out, of the building, stabbed the immobile Reverend Moira Hacker to death with a glaive and then ate her and the two waiting pupniks before returning inside leaving a broad streak of blood.
Another camera drone witnessed a decimated Nomad strike force making contact with an Exrah Agent inexplicably standing around alone and then retreat to their territory.

(We ended after turn 2 because the game was clearly over. In the last turn there was no way for Picken to get any model inside the armory and I would in all lilkelihood be able to fulfill my Extreme Prejudice classified. He in turn would have secured my HVT without any chance for me to stop him because we both deployed our respective HVTs far from the objective room. Thus the final score of 10:1)

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