Label your proxy with this base hugging flag

Hi all,

I’m playing with my brand new toy, a 3D printer (a Robox by Cel (http://www NULL.cel-robox Its new for me and 3D printing is somewhat difficult, so I’m experimenting and learning.

In a long forum discussion about how to use proxies in InfiNity I showed them my way to label proxies, so my opponent and I are absolutly sure what is a proxy and for what. I can’t find the discussion, search seems very limited, but it as about this:

old proxy marker

EDIT I found the thread! (http://infinitytheforums NULL.php?/topic/19282-proxies-and-the-community/page-3)

Also from thris thread is my easier method of labeling I called banderole – but also have read proxy ring.

So, now after almost a year, I’m having a tool to produce fine 3D objects, so I tried to optimize my idea and modelled this. It works pretty well and I present to you my very first useful 3D print 🙂

flag in use

4 flags in print

Should you happen to have a 3D printer and like this idea, I share the model with you on thingiverse (http://www NULL.thingiverse or here: baseHuggerFlagByCiF.STL (http://www NULL.bastian-dornauf NULL.stl)

I updated the original file to have that neat speech bubble.

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